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FleetMotion Training: Add a Vehicle/Asset

Learn how to add a vehicle to your account on our FleetMotion Fleet Management portal.

First, make sure you have the vehicle VIN number available. You’ll want to sign in to your account and navigate over to the Settings menu by clicking the gear icon in the top right corner. Next, click on the “Vehicles/Assets” item listed on the left. 

Click on the “Add Vehicle/Asset” button to display the Vehicle Details window. Here, you’ll be able to give your vehicle/asset a name, select the type, and input the VIN number to populate some additional information. If Make, Model, Year, and Engine type do not auto-populate once you decode the VIN, you can input these details manually. 


You can create or select a Tag to group your vehicle into a specific category or label for reporting, alerts, and easy filtering if desired. Once you create your vehicle/asset, you can edit the information, set speed and other alert thresholds, attach a device and see any fault codes associated with the vehicle/asset.

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