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Do You Know About the 3G Sunset?

The 3G Sunset will begin at the start 2022... Do you know how this will affect ELDs, tracking devices, and your FMCSA compliance?

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Changes Coming in Carrier Services...

In 2022, all wireless carriers will begin shutting down all 3G networks. This shutdown is a national and industry-wide issue that may affect tracking capabilities on certain electronic logging devices. This includes mobile phones, home security systems, fire alarms, medical devices, SOS systems, and other equipment that relies on 3G data transmission, including ELDs, vehicle tracking, and diagnostics. It is important to understand that this is a decision made by the wireless carriers that equally affects software and hardware companies, including ELD Solutions.

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ELD Solutions' ELDS HOS platform and devices will STILL be 100% compliant with FMCSA HOS standards, regardless of the 3G Sunset in 2022.

We made a conscious decision to offer an ELD with a local connection—as opposed to relying on wireless data transmission. This means that as long as your personal device (phone or tablet) does not rely on 3G data services, you will not have any disruption in your service. The HOS logging functions of your device will continue to function regardless of the 3G sunset. 

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However, if you are subscribed to our vehicle tracking and diagnostics platform and you potentially have older 3G devices, those will no longer be capable of providing tracking. If you are not interested in your ELD device having tracking capabilities, now or in the future, then there is nothing to worry about!

If you are currently using your device for tracking or are interested in adding tracking capabilities on your current device, please contact us. You can call us directly at 888-994-3537 or live chat with a team member to see how this will affect your service.



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Learn More About the 3G Sunset:

FMCSA Information

FCC Information


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