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New ELDS HOS App Update: What to Expect

Posted by ELD Expert on Jan 15, 2019 9:36:21 AM

Version 1824.190107 was recently released. Here are some of the changes you may notice with the new update:

  • Portrait Mode when exporting PDF reports: Unidentified Driving, Malfunctions & Data Diagnostics, Log Edits
  • Under the Account Settings > Account Properties Tab, “hos.shippinginfo.dailyreset” account property has been added to control if the display of the added Shipping Information will carry over from day to day, or it would clear it out on a daily basis, default value is set to false within the app. Account property does not exist by default on the portal, it must be created manually
    •  If the value is set to “false", the Shipping Information will carry over from day to day
    • If the value is set to “true", the Shipping Information will reset daily
  • Under Settings > Account Management:
    • Vehicle column added to display the total number of active vehicles in an account
    • The ‘Delete’ button has been moved within the Update Account dialog of a deactivated account; this is to ensure an account has first been made deactivated before deleting them
  • A Terminal column has been added in the Driver’s data table list on the Drivers Management page
  • On the Logs page, a visual indicator has been added to the grid chart to indicate the point at which a driving event can be shortened down
  • On the Unidentified Driving page, users now have the ability to assign multiple unidentified driving events to a driver as a single action

If you have any questions about these changes or any complications with your ELD Solutions device, please call us at 855-696-3537 to speak with our excellent Support team.


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