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Video Walkthrough: Managing Equipment in the ELD Driver App

Posted by ELD Expert on Nov 17, 2019 8:16:59 PM
Manage Equipment in Driver App-1


In this video, let's cover how to manage the equipment from the driver's application on your tablet or phone. To begin, launch the hours of service application on your phone or tablet. Once you've launched the application, enter your username and password, then select "Login". Once logged into the application, notice the two icons in the middle of the screen: the truck and the trailer. 

In this scenario, let's assume that we need to add a new trailer that we don't currently have in our system. To add a new trailer, click on the trailer icon. From there, click the trailer name drop-down menu and see if the trailer currently exists. Since the trailer that we're about to attach to has not been in our system before, we're going to go down to the section that says "Manage".

From here, you'll see all of the vehicles and trailers that are assigned to your account. Depending on the level of access that your administrator has given you, you may be able to edit or delete the existing equipment. Since the trailer that we're looking for doesn't exist, let's go ahead and add it.

Select the "Add +" button. From here, you'll be able to input the information. First, let's select "trailer" and then let's enter the trailer name. For now, let's skip the other pieces and go ahead and add. You'll notice that the equipment list is alphabetized. So let's scroll to the bottom and look at Unit999. 

Let's say that I forgot to add something and let's go ahead and edit this trailer. Let's enter a license plate number, as well as the license plate state, and then let's hit "Save". Now this trailer is ready to use. Let's go ahead and hit the "back" button. And then we're going to click on the icon on the home screen again of the trailer.

Now select trailer name and the drop-down will appear. Scroll to the bottom and you'll see the new trailer that we just added, Unit999. Click on it. Then hit "Add". Then hit "Save" and your new trailer is ready to go. Notice that the application automatically prompts you to perform a DVIR in this scenario.

Since this is just a demo, let's go ahead and skip this. To confirm that we did everything correctly, you'll notice that Unit999 is now listed here next to the trailer icon.

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