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Video Walkthrough: Editing Logs in the Driver App

Posted by ELD Expert on Nov 17, 2019 8:24:37 PM


Edit Logs In App-1


To begin, launch the hours of service application on your phone or tablet. Once you've launched the application, enter your username and password, then select "Login". Once you're on the home screen, look for the button called "Logs" or "My Logs". The name may be different depending on how your administrator has set these buttons up.

Once selected, you'll notice the current 24 hours and previous seven days worth of logs. To expand any of these days, simply click on that day and additional information will show about that specific day's logs. To edit a log, first expand the day that you wish to edit. From there, tap the log chart.

Once selected, you'll notice the duty status events below and the chart above for that specific day. Let's go ahead and insert a past duty status by first pressing the "+" button. From there, let's select "insert past status +". You'll notice that the log must be uncertified in order to add a past status.

So let's go ahead and uncertify the log now. The application will confirm that the log has been uncertified and now let's go back and insert a past status. From here, I can easily select the status that I want.

Or I can click on the times below and enter the times that way. For this example, let's select 9am for the start time and 11am for the end time. In the event that I need to extend or decrease the amount of time, I can always grab the icons and drag as well.

After that, simply select the duty status note that the duration does show on the upper right-hand corner and then enter the other required information such as location, odometer, a note about the change, and then finally, a reason at the very bottom. Keep in mind that the reason list can be customized by your administrator.

To finish this change, simply hit "Save". You'll now see the changes that you just made in the grid above as well as in the events below.

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