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Video Walkthrough: DVIRs in the Driver Application

Posted by ELD Expert on Nov 17, 2019 8:28:45 PM


To begin, launch the hours of service application on your phone or tablet. Once you've launched the application, enter your username and password then select "Login". Once on the home screen, find the button marked "DVIR" or "Driver Vehicle Inspection Report". First, you'll notice that the type can be selected, whether this be a pre-trip, post-trip, or an ad-hoc inspection.

Next, the inspector can be chosen: driver, mechanic, or other. If you need to switch equipment and the vehicle or trailer that you're about to inspect is not the correct one, you can use this button right here to do so. Otherwise, the vehicle and trailer listed below are the ones you're going to inspect.

You'll notice that the forms are in a drop-down menu and you can select either the vehicle by itself or the trailer by itself or you can choose a form that combines the two.The DVIRs and the forms are completely customizable to fit the needs of your fleet. Here are some examples of some of the customized ones we've added.

For this demonstration, let's select the combined form of the hauler tanker. Since we've chosen a form that combines the two we won't need to choose a form for the trailer. Let's go ahead and hit inspect and get into the actual DVIR itself. If you're off duty at the time of the inspection the application will automatically prompt you to go on duty to be compliant with the law.

So let's go ahead and select "Yes". Once inside the DVIR, I can choose the individual items one at a time by simply selecting them and giving it a thumbs up. I also have the option to take a picture of the individual items if I need to share that with my administrator.

Once I take a picture inside the DVIR, a little icon will pop up next to the camera to show that I successfully captured it. The other option, instead of going one by one down the list, is to simply hit the "pass all" button. Keep in mind that, for administrators, they have the option to enable or disable this "pass all" feature.

I also have the option to enter text for each of the items as well. Once I select the note icon for this specific item, I have two options to enter text. I can simply type the information from my tablet or phone or I can use the feature on the right hand side of the page and do speech-to-text.

Now that I've finished my note, let's hit "OK". Notice that the note automatically saved to that specific item. Let's go ahead and finish this DVIR. In the final section, I can add general comments to the DVIR and I can assess the overall condition of the vehicle. You'll also notice, at the top, that it tells me the start time, the elapsed time, and also how many items have been inspected.

Once I hit "Finish", it will allow me to select whether or not this DVIR is, in fact, true and accurate. Let's go ahead and hit "Yes". The DVIR that was just performed is now on the right-hand side of the page. In the event that I need to view it or a previous DVIR, I simply hit the three dots and it gives me the option to either email or view this specific DVIR.

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