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Connecting to Your Vehicle from the HOS Driver App

Posted by ELD Solutions Support Team on Apr 3, 2020 2:26:52 PM

Once you have received your ELD module and adapter cables (if needed) and downloaded the ELDS HOS driver app, follow these instructions to connect to your vehicle.

1. Install the the hardware into your vehicle.


1. First, plug your ECM module into the female end of the supplied 16-pin (or 6-Pin) adapter cable.

2. With the engine OFF, locate your vehicle's diagnostic port (JBUS), which is generally found under the dashboard to the left or right of the steering column. It could be a 9-Pin, 6-Pin, or 16-Pin, depending on the make/model/year of your vehicle.


3. Plug the male end of the supplied adapter cable into the vehicle's diagnostic port and turn the collar on the cable clockwise to ensure a secure connection.


4. Find a secure place to mount your tablet or phone to keep it visible, but out of the way to minimize driver distractions.

2. Pair the ECM module with your ELDS HOS driver app.

1. Turn the ignition ON.

2. Open the ELDS HOS app on your display device and login using the login credentials provided to you by your fleet administrator. You'll want to make sure that your device has access to an active mobile data connection or WiFi for the first login.

3. From the home screen in the driver app, tap on the "Connect" button in the yellow bar at the top of your screen.


4. Tap the "Manual Connection" option on the Connect to Vehicle pop-up box.


5. Tap the "Geometris" option from the selection list of Supported VBUS Devices and tap NEXT to continue.


6. Select the device that begins with "WQ" followed by a 12-digit serial number that matches the serial number on the device plugged into your vehicle on the Select Geometris Device pop-up box.

      • If you do not see any devices appear on this list, ensure that your vehicle's ignition is ON or in ACCESSORY mode - that way the module is receiving power to send out the Bluetooth signal.
      • Tap SCAN DEVICES to refresh the list.


8. The VBUS Connectivity icon in the action bar at the top of the home screen should change to a radiating antenna to indicate a successful connection with the ECM module.

Connection is completed!

The ELDS HOS app is now collecting all required information from your vehicle's ECM. See below for important duty status notes:

  • The app will automatically switch into Driving duty status when the vehicle starts moving over 5 mph.
  • Once your vehicle is stopped for 5 consecutive minutes, the app will prompt the driver to confirm whether they wish to stay in Driving duty status. If there is no driver feedback after one minute, the app will automatically switch to On Duty Not Driving duty status.
  • All other duty status changes should be entered manually by the driver.


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