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The Perfect Pair for Fleet Monitoring: On-Board Cameras and Telematics

Posted by ELD Expert on July 31, 2019

On-board cameras are not all created equally. Just having access to video footage doesn’t give you the information that you need to make decisions about training, accident claims, security, or all of those other things that give you a headache. 


When our customers started requesting the addition of cameras to our robust line of carrier and fleet solutions, we asked questions. 


What do you want to use this video footage for?

What driving events and behaviors would you want to be alerted to?

Where do you want to implement the use of video cameras?

What is your budget for this fleet monitoring equipment?

Why do you care about video footage?


The answers were all different, but the unanimous requirements were flexibility and intelligent technology to filter out the unimportant footage. So how did we accomplish these two key functionalities?


We combined the visual component of video cameras with the robust data that comes from our telematics and GPS tracking system to create a very practical solution. The result is an intelligent alert system that does all the heavy lifting for you. You’re delivered the video footage you need when you need it. You can also look up specific camera footage and data when you have an event or situation that requires a more detailed look.


With paired data like location, speed, heading, events, and more, your camera footage becomes an essential part of your fleet monitoring tool belt. 




Because fleet owners and managers vary widely, we created a solution that not only fits every need, but is also scalable and budget-friendly.


We have packages that include the following choices:

  • Front-facing dash camera
  • Dual-facing dash & driver cameras
  • SmartHub multi-channel recording device (paired with up to 8 cameras)
  • Versatile miniature HD camera
  • Weatherproof side/rear HD camera
  • Exterior side-mount HD camera
  • Versatile IR camera (night vision)
  • 7” LCD Monitor Display (single or 4-channel)

When you’re ready to take advantage of on-board video cameras, we’ll take the time to consult with you on the different options and how to choose the best fit for your fleet size and budget.


Smart Technology


Monitor large fleets with ease. Our camera products sync directly with our FleetTrac system, allowing you to create intelligent alerts based on events. These events can include things like harsh braking, collision/impact, speeding, geozone engagement, and other custom specifications.


With features like night-vision infrared technology and wide-angle HD views, you’re armed with an in-depth view of your footage, night and day, rain or shine. 


Secure cloud data storage ensures the safety and privacy of you and your drivers. Additionally, all equipment with internal storage have a tamper-proof casing to protect the integrity of your physical device and data.


Feedback Driven Products and Consultation


We crafted our camera solution to specifically address the needs of our customers because they are in your industry and have similar goals and pain points. The relationships that we build with partners and customers is based on trust and honesty. We trust in you to be successful and loyal and we hope that you trust us to deliver exemplary products and technology advice. We will supply honest representation of our products and, likewise, expect honest feedback.


Take the plunge. Call 888-994-3537 to keep your eyes on the road, from the seat of your computer chair.

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