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Creative Ways to Celebrate the Holidays Away from Family

Posted by ELD Expert on November 13, 2020

Drivers are used to spending holidays on the road away from families. While it certainly doesn’t make it any easier, it’s likely that a lot of people may not be able to spend as much time with family for the holidays this year. 

The warmth of a cozy family gathering in a loving home with delightful smells of a home-cooked meal is hard to replace - even the bickering and family stress has its own sentiment. We’ve compiled 6 tips to help ease homesick drivers and bridge together families who aren’t able to connect this holiday season. 

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Free Coronavirus Safety Supplies for Truckers: Where to Get Masks and Hand Sanitizer

Posted by ELD Expert on April 29, 2020

Many organizations have pleaded with the presidential administration to provide adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) for our dedicated trucking community as they strive to keep our supply chain moving during the coronavirus outbreak. 

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Podcast: What to (Really) Expect - Transitioning from AOBRD to ELD

Posted by ELD Expert on November 19, 2019

What are the major changes that drivers and carriers will experience when moving from AOBRDs to ELDs? We've simplified it for you by outlining 4 changes that you'll notice as you make the switch. These are important points to familiarize yourself with as we approach the ELD Mandate final deadline.

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6 Functions Your Trailer Trackers Must Have

Posted by ELD Expert on October 1, 2018

Many of our customers make the smart decision to invest in trailer trackers. The return on investment is often well worth it. If you they save you from losing one trailer or end up maximizing the efficiency of all of your trailers, the value is undeniable.

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What is the Solutions for Trucker Parking?

Posted by ELD Expert on July 12, 2018

Parking Your Truck Should Be Simple

Is parking a problem? We all know that the answer to this is a huge YES! While others are still debating the issue, we want to start a new conversation — how do we fix it? How do we get our truckers off of the side of highways and into safer, free parking spots to get the sleep they need and take required breaks?

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How to Make Father’s Day Special for the Trucker in Your Life

Posted by ELD Expert on June 14, 2018

Fathers are difficult to shop for, especially truck drivers. Don’t be intimidated by the approach of Father’s Day. Making the trucker in your life feel loved and appreciated is simpler than you might think. Below, we’ve compiled some small gestures that will make a big impact.

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Healthy Meals You Can Prep at Home Before You Hit the Road

Posted by ELD Expert on June 4, 2018

Making Healthy Choices Easy

As you enter the truck stop, you’re bombarded with the aroma of pizza, hot dogs, wings, all strategically placed at the front of the store and marked up through the roof. Ten miles down the road with lighter pockets, heartburn kicks in and you feel like your stomach is a blow torch. Two hours later, you’re groggy and sluggish. With limited choices and not a lot of time, how do you bring that home-cooked, healthy meal on the road with you?

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Topics: Trucker Life, Trucker Tips, Solutions for Truck Drivers