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A New Horizon for Electronic Logging & Fleet Management Technology

Posted by ELD Expert on January 23, 2020

We’re pretty confident that 2020 presents a new era of e-logging and fleet telematics technology. Here’s why. And, more importantly, here’s why it’s going to make you more money.


But First, Let’s Take a Second to Reflect

To fully understand where this technology is headed, it’s important to quickly recall how HOS logging has evolved over the years. I know you don’t want to read all of that, so I put together a killer timeline for you. Thank you, in advance, for sharing it with everyone you know.



Okay, Fast Forward

The strict enforcement of ELD use allows for advancements to be made in this industry. There is more of a demand than ever for ELDs to not only work consistently, but to also provide more value for the companies and people using them. Add in the increase in education and comfort levels with the technology, and you’ve got a recipe for exceptional product innovation! 

We’re already seeing (and implementing) more integration partnerships and added features. From load matching to route planning and more seamless data intelligence, the ELD space is expanding rapidly from just e-logging. Even safety compliance tools are being redefined with driver monitoring and training software. 

Many companies are finding that this competitive market requires ELD providers to create powerful partnerships in this ecosystem of smart technology. 

While there are some opportunities for this evolution to put some feature-rich tools in your hands at a more affordable cost than ever, there are some important considerations that need to be weighed out.


The Other Side of the Story

Because ELDs were mandated and the technical specifications were spelled out, there are a lot of companies that popped out of the woodwork wanting to take advantage of the opportunity to cash in on the sudden demand. However, many of these companies were not affiliated with the transportation industry prior to setting up shop to sell ELDs and, furthermore, many more of these companies resell a product that may or may not even be supported any longer. 

Once faced with the pressure to innovate or fail, we’ve seen companies offer many different services at a low cost, but only because the product they are selling is, for lack of a better term, pure junk. 

On the other end of the spectrum, you have VERY LARGE corporations with limitless resources and advertising dollars looking to maximize their profits. Oftentimes, they develop their own software and even hardware, which sounds great, right? The issue here is that oftentimes these products are untested or minimally tested. The result? Huge outages, laggy user experiences, overwhelmed technical support and development teams, and angry customers.

The other issue that should be considered when working with ANY company is privacy. Is your data being used by third-party companies? Is your provider selling that data and making money on your personal information? The answer is yes for some of you who are with small and large companies. The answer is a solid NO for our customers.


Who You ‘Gunna Call?

Now that I’ve totally thrown everyone under the bus, surely you’re thinking that I think that ELD Solutions is completely perfect. Don’t worry, I know we’re not. Like any company, we’ve made mistakes and we’ve picked up the pieces. Most importantly, we’ve made it right with the customer. 

Trust me, we hold ourselves to sky-high standards, which is why we know that we can always do better. I’m sharing these observations about the future of the ELD market because we’ve been able to react and fight through some of these challenges. 

Our products are literally improving every day! Why? Because of our customers. From our price point to our product line to our day-to-day decision making, it’s all driven by feedback — good and bad. 

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying that we’re your only suitable option. Look at what your company needs and find a company that listens to you and supports your goals. This is an exciting time to be a buyer in the transportation technology arena. Take advantage of this push to go beyond e-logging and get more value through tools that generate exceptional efficiency, stronger driver retention, more revenue growth, and cost-saving safety features.

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