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Celebrating Truckers & Memorial Day—What is a Hero?

Posted by ELD Expert on May 25, 2018

What Makes a True Hero?

Before we had complex political parties and loosely-talented celebrities, our heroes were those who exemplified bravery and strength to protect us from enemies and conquerors. Warriors and leaders that made selfless choices to benefit a larger cause or community — they were heroes.

As values and traditions have changed, the word “hero” and its meaning has shifted as well. Celebrities and social media moguls, in our opinion, have been wrongly labeled as heroes for their less-than-selfless dramatics and superficial fluffery.

But we think you’ll agree with us in saying that our soldiers are the true heroes no matter what has changed. Every soldier makes a choice to put his/her life on the line for others. Whether you’re jumping in front of a small child in the line of fire or spending months deployed in a third-world country, you’re displaying the characteristics of a hero, all to an exceptional level:

  • Selflessness
  • Bravery
  • Discipline
  • Determination
  • Courage
  • Strength

This Memorial Day and every other day, we are celebrating the fallen heroes who are truly deserving of such title.

Truckers: Heroes of the Road

Thanks to initiatives like the Military Skills Test Waiver Program and the adoption of automatic transmissions, we’re seeing thousands of veterans enter the trucking industry.

There is no doubt that the military prepares young men and women for the challenging (and rewarding) nature of the trucking industry. The same qualities listed above as heroic characteristics are the same qualities that are easily found in many of our drivers.

Over the years we’ve heard countless stories from drivers about them often times being the first one on the scene of an accident or helping out civilian drivers in trouble on the road. You have probably even helped someone in a tough situation, as there are countless stories of heroic truckers. These stories should be celebrated to highlight the impact that truck drivers have on our roads — stories like the one about David Frederickson, who pulled a grandma and 1-year old from a flaming car.

In addition to bringing goods to communities, truckers help keep the roads safe, create valuable relationships in their travels, and act as ambassadors for the transportation industry as a whole — all while in most cases sacrificing their own comfort and putting in countless hours of overtime work.

Memorial Day Safety

Memorial Day is the leading holiday of fatal driving accidents. While you’re used to operating within the law and following safe driving habits, careless drivers are abundant this weekend. As usual, stay alert and aware.

From parents distracted by kiddos in the backseat to young drivers texting, you’re going to be operating in a minefield. Whether you have military experience or not, only truck drivers can handle these conditions with such finesse.

We are honored to celebrate Memorial Day by remembering fallen heroes and recognizing the heroes of our roadways. Thank you for your continued dedication to making the transportation industry successful. 

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